The Oppo F19 is probably the cheapest model of the F 19 series of smartphone; yet it also happens to be one of the best phones of all. At its low starting price of Rs 1800, the Oppo F19 sets itself at the mid-rural high-end sub-Rs 1800 price range. Such phones from some leading players in that price range all possess a unique characteristic of their own to differentiate themselves from the other phones. The Oppo F19 features an incredibly large and easy to press Home key that makes it extremely convenient for all its users to switch over to their email or Facebook, etc. screen quickly and easily.

A unique characteristic of this phone is that it has an extremely large and bright dual LED flash. This flash can be used for taking quick selfies, browsing the internet, viewing your photo albums, etc. The camera has a good resolution but the Oppo F19’s camera is way better than the competition; it has a 5,000mah battery which works for several hours before requiring a recharging. The camera is also quite sensitive and is capable of taking some good photos even in poor light conditions. Another unique attribute of the Oppo F19 camera is that it is capable of connecting to a micro SD card.

The advanced photographic functions of the Oppo F19 include an impressive amount of manual control over image settings. It has a user-accessible menu that Oppo F19  lets you to change all the essential settings of the camera including the exposure compensation, white balance, anti-shake, manual focus, and the focal length of the shots. It has a unique six-axis image processing technology called Dual pixel imaging system. This allows the camera to take the clearest and most accurate pictures.

One of the best features of this camera is its excellent battery life. The Oppo F19 can last up to twelve hours on a single charge. Some of the models even go up to fifteen hours. Some users have reported that despite the high battery capacity, their phones lasted for two days with just one charge. One unique attribute of the Oppo F19’s battery is that it does not shut down while the camera is in sleep mode. You can leave the camera running all throughout the day without worrying about turning it off or losing data.

In terms of features, this smartphone has some great options. For example, if you are looking for a smartphone with a high-end camera, then the Oppo F19 would be a good choice. Unlike many other smartphones that have limited memory, this phone has space for plenty of data. Even though it only has 5g, it will still permit you to shoot high definition videos and pictures.

One other feature of this smartphone is its high-end dual camera setup. There are two cameras on the front of the unit. These enable you to take clear pictures even when the angle is not ideal. In fact, if you want to take pictures of moving objects, then the Oppo F19’s two cameras will allow you to do so. Plus, this unit is quite affordable. For a smartphone with such features, the price of the Oppo F19 should not be an issue.