Everyone now carries a smartphone thanks to the rapid development of technology, unlike in the past when games were exclusively played on computers and laptops. People were given some extra time to play games due to this.

However, since games can now be played on mobile devices, individuals play games while travelling or when bored. Now, you may play games without walking near a computer or use one by simply clicking on your phone. To see a list of various mobile crypto games, go here.

Games that are accessible on mobile


The hub for mobile games that NFTs and blockchain technology power are MOBOX. The MOBOX system pays participants for their participation. For access to the game’s metaverse, players must acquire a MOBOX avatar. There can be requirements for rarity for some of the MOBOX’s minigames. Players can stake MBOX, the game’s native currency, in addition to playing minigames through the MOBOX ecosystem to get keys and unlock other rewards.

Crop Bytes

This is a cryptocurrency-focused twist on the original Farmville gameplay. In Crop Bytes, users can construct their farms from the ground up. Players can buy or sell items using the in-game currency CBX in the game’s economy.

You’ll also have the opportunity to breed NFT superheroes throughout the game, which you can use to increase output across your farm. Crop Bytes is a free-to-play game. However, compared to the other games on this list, it has more in-game purchases.

You might recall the days when you had to travel to certain locations to play casino games, but these days you can play casino games everywhere, even on your mobile device. Here’s a list of casino games available on mobile phones today. Since the introduction of crypto gambling these games are no longer just for making money.

Alien Hunter

Playtech created the video slot machine Alien Hunter, which has space and the cosmos as its theme. Players may easily start playing the game after making minor adjustments, such as adjusting the bet size and shooting. With its bonus feature, which also provides free spins, you can win between 10 and 300 times your original bet.

Happy Bugs

The Happy Bugs slot machine’s simple regulations advise placing your bet below the reels. You can win here by landing the right combos throughout the three reels and five lines. You can select the autopay option and win entertaining bonus rounds as well.

End words

This article discusses mobile-friendly cryptocurrency gaming sites and a list of crypto gambling games. Some individuals don’t have a computer or laptop but still want to play these games, so the list of games above will be helpful to them even though a few more games can be played on mobile phones. Visit the website for a complete list.